Should I begin thinking about College my Junior year?

Posted on March 20, 2024
Categories: College

By: Sarahí Franco

Junior year is the year to begin thinking about your college checklist. Who will write your letter of
recommendation? (link to possible rec. template for teacher) Any dream colleges? If so, what
are their requirements? Junior-year students begin thinking about SAT’s and ACT’s. Are they a
requirement for your top colleges? Some students find themselves hating tests and choose to
only apply to test-optional schools. That is a choice you’ll have to make based on what you’re
comfortable with.
Your junior year is the perfect time to try all kinds of new opportunities. Find what you are
interested in. Some students find internships or after-school programs that not only help them
build their extracurricular list but also help them understand what possible majors they’ll look into
in college.
Take this time to build strong relationships with your teachers. Ask yourself what your favorite
subject is, and make sure that the teacher has good things to say about you. They could be the
difference between an acceptance or a rejection.
Take this year to visit colleges. Help your senior self out by having a good understanding of
what a college campus looks like. Some students find themselves falling in love with a college
because of their school environment and campus. Explore that during your junior year.
Finally, ask questions. Talk to the students that are going (or went) through the process. Any
advice they can give you? Curiosity can be one of the greatest tools in this process.
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