Student Handbook – can be found here

Uniforms – SLA students must dress respectfully in such a way that their dress does not interfere with another student’s learning. In addition, all students are required to keep a white lab coat at school.

Students should be aware that teachers can require students to wear lab coats in class—many science teachers will require lab coats when working in the lab.  Students are expected to purchase their lab coat on the first day of school. They are also necessary for use at important events such as EduCon, the Franklin Awards and other special days.

While students can put personal touches on their lab coats, we ask that they respect the uniform and the school community, and are appropriate in their consideration of decorations. Students can always speak to a faculty member to gauge whether a certain personal touch is appropriate. Students who inappropriately adorn their coats may need to purchase a new one. Students are expected to be dressed respectfully, neatly, and modestly in clothing suitable for school.

SLA’s Student Portal  – Login Page here – The Acceptable Use Policy local to SLA is here
Student usernames are given to them by their advisor when the laptops are handed out. Usernames consist of first initial last name and the two digits of the student’s graduation year. (ex. mhull21@scienceleadership.org.) Temporary passcodes are also given out at his time.

SDP’s Student Portal – Login Page here
Access to the PhilaSD Portal is governed by the School District of Philadelphia’s Acceptable Use Policy Unauthorized use of this system is strictly prohibited. Usernames consist of the student’s SPD student ID number. The student’s advisor has this information and can look it up for them in the SDP Teacher portal.

To find login help, click here.
To register for a Parent Portal account, click here.

SDP WiFi – This login splash comes up when you enter the school building and choose “PhilaSDWifi” as your network. If it does not pop up type cnn.com into your browser, or go to this page. Students login with the portal login information.

Laptop Repairs – Students must fill out a ticket to get the laptop repaired.
To make a ticket –
1. sign in to www.scienceleadership.org
2. click on tools
3. click on mojo helpdesk
4. click login with Google the RED BUTTON
5. start a new basic ticket – blue button, top right corner.
5.a. – students must know their service tag number of the laptop to create a ticket.

Loaner Laptops – Students receive a loaner laptop immediately after filling out a ticket for all repairs except for repairs that have a cost (see table below). Students must pay the repair fee to recieve a loaner.

Laptop Fee -SLA’s technology fee is $40, it covers theft of machines and breakage to an extent. SLA has a deductible of $50 broken machines. Below is a breakdown of parts/issues covered by warranty, free of charge to repair and parts that incur a deductible to be charged to the family for repair.


SDP Resources/Policies – 

SRC Board Polices
918 Title I Parental Involvement
Student Code of Conduct
EH-80 (Parental Permission Slip)
Student Media Release Form
Absence Excuse Notes 
New Immunization Requirements
“When Is Too Sick For School”