Graduation Requirements

  • The total number of credits must meet or exceed 23.5 credits.
  • One elective must be in math or science; the total number of math and science credits is a minimum of seven.
  • One History credit must be in African-American History.
  • All students must complete their ILPs in 10th and 11th grades. (Exception ONLY for new students who began at SLA in the upper grades.)
  • All students must pass their four-year advisories.
  • All students must COMPLETE a Capstone project.
  • Advisory counts as .5 Humanities credits per year
  • The Franklin Institute, Independent Leaning Plan & Capstone counts as .5 Electives credits per year

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Home & School
2017 – 2018 Home & School Officers

  • President: Diana Moro (sophomore parent)
  • First VP: Michelle Weld (freshman parent)
  • Second VP: Terrance Satterfield
  • First treasurer: Lisa Rodebaugh
  • Second treasure: Courtney Chobert (freshman parent)
  • Recording Secy: Laura Addes-Carleton
  • Corresponding Secy: Lisa Weinberger (sophomore & senior parent)
  • Senior parent rep: Amy Furman
  • Junior parent rep: Elizabeth LaBan
  • Sophomore parent rep: Kathryn Snyder
  • Freshman parent rep: Paulette Greenwell
  • Member-at-large: Dianna LaMastra
  • Member-at-large: Naeemah Suluki (senior parent)
  • Member-at-large: Mike McGrath (freshman parent)
  • Member-at-large: Julie Snell
  • Member-at-large: Jane Cruice/Candi Crispin (school store)
  • Alumni Parent: Susan Burrows

The Home and School Association’s Website

The Home and School Association’s Facebook Page

Home and School Meeting Schedule — 2018-2019

  • September 26, 2018
  • October 17
  • November 14
  • December 19
  • January 16, 2019
  • February 20, 2019
  • March 20, 2019
  • April 10, 2019
  • May 15, 2019

The new District-Wide Parent and Family Engagement Policy has been approved by the SRC and is available on our website here – The Spanish version is here – Other versions can be found online here

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Parent Portals

SLA’s website includes a portal that gives students access to many of the web-based communication and publication tools including SLATE and Canvas — our online course software, and GSuite tools. It enables teachers and students to create online spaces for each course, allowing them to communicate about assignments, school events, and more. Parents and guardians can check student assignments by emailing the child’s advisor for login access. The School District of Philadelphia also has a parent portal for formal grades and progress on standardized testing. In addition, parents will receive frequent emails from the school via our parent list-serv. We will subscribe all requested email addresses the first week of school. If you do not receive the parent emails. Contact your child’s advisor with any questions or concerns about the Portals.


College News Blog

SDP Inclement Weather Policy

SRC Board Polices
918 Title I Parental Involvement
Student Code of Conduct
EH-80 (Parental Permission Slip)
Student Media Release Form
Absence Excuse Notes 
New Immunization Requirements
“When Is Too Sick For School”


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