CTE Digital Video

General Information
The CTE Digital Video Program at SLA is an elective program students can apply to take their Sophomore-Senior year.  Students commit to all three years and 1080 hours of instructional time in this field.  The 3 year curriculum guides students through analyzing film/tv, making short videos on their cell phones, pre-production strategies, editing software, sound design, lighting set-ups, operating a DSLR camera manually, screenwriting, acting, directing, experiential media, and more.  Students work alone, in small groups, and on large teams in projects that happen in class and all over Philadelphia.

Program Goals

  • Guide students as they go from being passive consumers of media to active consumers to haphazard creators to intentional creators.
  • Hone the visual voices of students as they learn to speak with a camera.
  • Connect the passions and interests of students with their filmmaking/videography skills to help them tell stories that matter to them as individuals.
  • Provide students with real-world opportunities to gain new skills and demonstrate existing skills in media production.

CTE Digital Video Promo Reel

Careers and Majors
Potential careers for these students are: directors, producers, sound designers, composers, cinematographers, set electricians, production designers, actors, editors, visual effects coordinators, videographers, photographers, and more. This program could prepare students for degrees in Communications, Film, Performing Arts, Visual Effects, New Media, Fine Art, Production Design, TV Production, Advertising, Marketing, Journalism, etc.

Contact Us

Lorraine Ustaris – CTE Digital Video Teacher
Torian Ugworji – CTE Site Coordinator, Internship Coordinator