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Should I begin thinking about College my Junior year?

By: Sarahí Franco Junior year is the year to begin thinking about your college checklist. Who will write your letter of recommendation? (link to possible rec. template for teacher) Any dream colleges? If so, what are their requirements? Junior-year students begin thinking about SAT’s and ACT’s. Are they a requirement for your top colleges? Some students find themselves…

2023 – 2024 Financial Aid Presentation

Please see the Financial Aid 101 presentation provided by Mr. Ron Felder.

FAFSA Uproar 2024

FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) are the 5 letters we seniors are constantly hearing about. We are told that it is stressful and a lot of busy work, but thanks to the new 2024-25 update on their application, their goal is to make the process easier for students, Or so we thought. There…

Scholarship Opportunities

Continue to check in the Scholarship Folder for opportunities. Other scholarships will be posted in the Advisory Memo and on the Remind text message app. If you haven’t already joined the Remind app please reach out to Ms. Mack or use the code corresponding with your class. Class of 2024- @a64dh92 Class of 2025- @h27c8db…

Undocumented Students Toolkit

Often times undocumented students (including DACA recipients without a Social Security Number) find the lack of documentation to be an additional challenge throughout the college process. FAFSA is made unavailable to them. Some institutions choose to charge undocumented students as out-of-state or international students, leading to higher tuition. There are institutions that categorize undocumented students…

Junior College Night!

It’s coming up! January 17, 2023 from 6:30 – 8:00pm in the SLA Commons! We encourage all junior parents to be there!