Science Leadership Academy Relocation Update and Survey

Science Leadership Academy and Benjamin Franklin High School will be relocating to temporary sites until construction at the new shared campus is complete and the site is approved for re-occupancy.

Members of the SLA-Ben Franklin Task Force (including teachers, staff, students, parents, principals and District staff) have spent several days reviewing alternative relocation options for both schools based on revised priorities and feedback received during Town Hall meetings. Information about all of the newly explored options can be found here.

Together, we are recommending new options that meet the revised priorities and allow us to get students and staff back in the classroom starting Monday, October 14th.

The site unanimously recommended for SLA based on a campus model is 440 N. Broad Street (School District headquarters) in conjunction with either Rodeph Shalom located directly across from Ben Franklin (615 N. Broad St.) or the Cathedral Building at 19th and Wood St.

The relocation site unanimously recommended for Ben Franklin High is 926 W. Sedgley Avenue (former site of KHEPERA Charter School).

The secondary option, if one is needed for either school, would be 3300 Henry Avenue (former Eastern University Charter School).

You’re invited to share your thoughts on our recommendation using the input form below. We’ve also included an interactive map below for your convenience. Your feedback will help inform a final decision on our relocation site by 11 a.m. on Thursday, October 10, 2019.

We are committed to working together to get our students and staff back in school in a location that supports their continued academic success. We look forward to reviewing your feedback.

-The SLA-Ben Franklin Task Force