Posted on December 11, 2018
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In exciting news, 10 SLA Digital Video student films have been selected for InShort Film Festival in Lagos, Nigeria and we’ve been invited to attend!  Seems pretty far for us to travel, but it’s the thought that counts 🙂

We All Fall Down – Kate Kopf, Kaamil Jones, Nat Hilton, Lyle Seitz (Class of 2018)
Dreams Die Young – Jae Regino (Class of 2018)
April Showers – Tito Mazzucchi, Jess Celli, David Williams, Pablo Salvatierra (Class of 2018)
Plant Man – Class of 2019 Becca Snyder, Lucien Hearn, Katie Petroski-Rimmer, Ben Seing, Tommy  Conley, Genero Accooe, Tylier Driscoll, Amado Alfaro-Allah, Mindy Saw, Aysha, Siddiquee, Paxton Wentzell, Jack Sugrue, Messele Asfaw, Lilly Roman, Bea Gerber, with music by Jade Gilliam (class of 2020) and Andrew Semisch (Class of 2021)
Affection – Jae Regino (Class of 2018)
Shell – Kate Kopf, Kaamil Jones, Nat Hilton, Sydney Montgomery (Class of 2018)
3.14.18 – Kate Kopf (Class of 2018)
Blue Nails – Grace Conley and Ruby Ginsburg (Class of 2020)
Welcomer – Sam Gualtieri (Class of 2020)
Limbo – Lilly Roman, Bea Gerber, Sarah Berg, Amado Alfaro- Allah, Messele Asfaw, Tommy Conley (Class of 2019)

Congrats to all filmmakers past and present on this accomplishment!